21 days of church-wide fasting seeking God to impact lives like never before!

Prayer changes everything

At Grace Exchange, we believe prayer & fasting makes a difference. From February 3rd to February 24th 2019 we are choosing to seek God together! Fasting doesn't have to be food, fasting is simply forgoing something that takes regular time in your day and replacing it with prayer. Remember, if it means something to you, then it means something to God!

NOTE: Why not decide to fast your favourite social media platform!

Next Steps

Now as we approach the halfway mark of the fast I want to encourage you that its not too late to join in! Just because you may not have started when we did - doesn’t mean that you can’t start now!

  1. Make a decision what you are going to fast, and start TODAY!
  2. Join the group devotional @
  3. Lets us know below!